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about hi

Introducing hi – the first intuitive control software for broadcasting and media technology.
hi, the new human interface from Broadcast Solutions is the perfect man-machine link. hi ushers in a new age in the control of broadcasting and media technology. hi offers cutting-edge cross-platform smartphone and tablet usability. The benefits are clear; in intuitive mode and stripped down to
their essentials, extensive and complex systems can be learned and operated more quickly. And clear visualisation on the user interface keeps you in control with a clear overview of proceedings at all times. You’ll soon see; with hi you get it right every time, everywhere – intuitively.


How many cameras, recording channels, monitors or microphones are on the bill today? Whether you’re in the middle of a production, making preparations or setting up the system, hi adapts flexibly to your requirements. hi attends to the majority of configuration work automatically. Most configurations are created dynamically by the system and updated automatically. This is made possible by the simple and innovative new technology for configuring the system, which is based on auto-discovery features such as NMOS or LLDP, self-learning mechanisms and device templates. This means that everything stays right up to date, as all changes are immediately available throughout the system. Working with hi is an absolute joy: Instead of laboriously programming panels, today you just get it right intuitively.


With hi you have the future on your side.
The dynamic approach and the open system mean you’re all set to seamlessly integrate new technologies such as IP.
Our self-healing software architecture ensures future viability, providing for maximum reliability and performance. With hi, switching between all types of platforms is child’s play. hi can run anywhere – on a mini PC, on servers, in the cloud. You understand everything simply and intuitively. And hi understands you, your installations and everything that’s in store for you in the future when it comes to controlling broadcasting and media technology. The user comes first!


hi – we look forward to hearing from you!