Bye 2017. Hi 2020!

Cool Timeline

February, 2020

Advanced control panel workflows

November, 2019

Interactive topology view

September, 2019

Integration with major 3rd party SDN systems

June, 2019

Integration with Sony Vision Mixers

March, 2019

Adding IP layers to the data model

February, 2019

Introduction of parameter browsing and control

January, 2019

Implementation of FOR.A and Ross Vision Mixers

November, 2018

Fully redundant self-healing system architecture

October, 2018

Implementation of Grass Valley Vision Mixers protocols

September, 2018

Official product launch at IBC 2018

July, 2018

Ember+, TSL 3.1, TSL 5.0, ProBel SWp08

May, 2018

Hardware development: router control panels and GPIO interface

February, 2018

Winter Olympics South Korea: first missions in Pyeongchang and Oslo Broadcast Center

December, 2017

Final kickoff and start of software development

October, 2017

First presentation of the Idea to key customers

July, 2017

Proof of concept

March, 2017

First design concepts

January, 2017

Market analysis