hi: All systems go – flexible and up to date.

Ever more complex IP systems mean more administrative work. hi offers simple configuration, administration and operation in a single system. Dynamism is the great strength of IP technology. While conventional configurations curb this dynamism, hi supports it and exploits it to the full. In so doing, hi adapts flexibly to the given infrastructures. Scaling up is not a problem. Configurations are created in dynamic mode and always stay up to date in keeping with any changes. This is made possible by simple administration, templates and auto-discovery functionalities such as NMOS or LLDP. Hence everything stays right up to date, as all changes are immediately available throughout the system. Programming panels is history – now you get everything right by instinct.

· Configuration, administration and operation in a single system
· Dynamic adaptation to the given infrastructures
· Configurations remain up to date when changes are made

hi: Streets ahead.

Engineers, administrators, users – hi makes everyone happy. From configuration to application, hi is simple to learn, simple to understand and simple to use. As the name suggests: hi is an interface made for people. For today, and for the future: the dynamic approach and the complete simulation of the hardware mean you’re all set to integrate new technologies seamlessly. And our selfhealing software architecture provides for maximum reliability and performance. With hi, you choose the appropriate platform yourself. Hi can run anywhere – on a mini PC, on servers, in the cloud. Learning and understanding how to configure and use the software is simple and intuitive. And hi understands you, your production environment and everything that’s in store for you in the future when it comes to controlling AV media. Humans first!

· Simple and intuitive understanding of configuration and operation
· Dynamic approach for seamless integration of new technologies
· Self-healing software for maximum reliability and performance

hi: Ways out of the maze.

When things get cluttered and confusing, chaos is just around the corner. hi is there to ensure clarity and orderly structures. The human interface offers an ideal overview of even the most complex networks. Mindful that progress never stands still, hi has anticipated upcoming technological developments from the outset. With hi, a classic baseband infrastructure is just as easy to control and orchestrate as a state-of-the-art IP system. Great stuff: hi makes controlling networks simpler than ever before. Chaos gives way to orderly structures and the user has a perfectly clear overview at all times.

· Maximum clarity, even with the most complex networks
· Due allowance for future technological developments from the outset
· Problem-free orchestration of classic and cutting-edge infrastructures

hi: You cannot stop small.

Anyone can do big-time. Only hi can do low-key. Most software providers comparable to hi have largescale projects in their sights – their software is simply not designed for smaller solutions. This meant that anyone who found such software too complex and expensive had to pass. Not anymore. hi is scalable and adapts perfectly to all project sizes and budgets – from mega to mini. A smaller project with fewer users means fewer user licences, and that means less costs. As such, hi offers the right solution for all players – from TV studios broadcasting around the world to small independent theatres. Whichever format you go for, they all offer the hallmark hi flexibility and user-friendliness that provide for a perfect workflow wherever and whenever it’s needed.

· Scalability across all project sizes and budgets
· Costs determined by number of user licences
· Tailor-made solutions for all needs, from major TV studios to small theatres