Vendor neutral control system

Many hardware manufacturers provide control systems that provide a user interface for configuration and control of their hardware. But in the most cases your installation will combine hardware from different manufacturers. This is why you need a vendor neutral control solution: hi is speaking to all major vendors and integrates their devices into a unified user interface – get the best out of all worlds!


Hi can control and communicate with a wide variety of different hardware from different manufacturers.


Vision / Audio Mixers




Broadcast Networks

System simulation

Hi uses information about the nodes and wires in the system to create a virtual representation of the system topology. This information is used to speed up configuration and provide visual feedback about signal pathes.





An intuitive tagging mechanism allows for quick categorizing and searching for the relevant assets in your system.





Hi can calculate as many tallies in the system as you want – the sky is the limit!





Use the easy rules engine to setup logics and follow-up actions.

User Rights Management

Hi is backed by a robust user rights management system. Give access to the system to operators and restrict their abilities and their access to signals in the installation. The user rights management is following the tagging, so keeping your user rights up to date is a breeze!




Create flexible port containers to switch multiple signals at the same time or to tie video and audio signals together. When connecting containers hi will try to give a best effort suggestion on how to connect the signals.